Nielltronix Inc. Presents

Nielltronix R|Z568M Nixie Tube Clock


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Manual for Nielltronix R|Z568M Nixie Tube Clock

Guaranteed delivery in US before Christmas 2018 if ordered by 12/18/18

New Pics: Unboxing, setup, and then the two versions
 Tubes in shipping box Protective foam removed Clock, Cherry on Maple
Setup Nice setup Front view
Maple on Cherry Again Sideview

More to come...


Consulting services, electronic kits, nixie tube clocks (from my other site niell.org), lasers, pulse discharge electronics. Switch mode power supply design from 1W to 25kW, 1.8V to 10kV. Power, analog, and digital design services.
Calculating loop gains Big box o' magnetics Switchmode power supply